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Technical Information - Custom Plastic Bottles

Recycling Symbols:

Recycling Symbols
1 = PETE   (polyethylene terephthalate) (PETE)
2 = HDPE   (high density polyethylene)
3 = V   (vinyl/polyvinyl chloride PVC)
4 = LDPE   (low density polyethylene)
5 = PP   (polypropylene)
6 = PS   (polystyrene)
7 =   other


Resin Comparison Guide:

This information is supplied for customers looking to design custom plastic bottles and is to be used as a guideline only. Information may vary under certain conditions. Imperial Packaging would be pleased to answer any questions you may have, however it is the responsibility of the customer to test the compatibility of each bottle for its intended use. 

Click here for the Resin Comparison Guide.

Click here for the Resin Price Index.

Click here for Society of Plastics Industry (SPI) finish guide.

Finish Bulletin:

Finish Number Dwg. No Description
1 1-06.pdf Code letters for C.T. Finishes
2 25.pdf Recommended Tolerances for Glass Finishes
4 48.pdf Finish Requirements for Half-Gallon and Gallon Containers with Handles (Sizes 38-48)
350 350-09.pdf 28mm Linerless Tamper Evident Closure Finish
400M fm-4007.pdf Metric Continuous Thread Finish (Sizes 18-120)
405 4056.pdf Depressed Thread for Continuous Thread Finishes (Sizes 8-132)
410 4117.pdf Medium Continuous Thread Concealed Bead Finish (Sizes 18-28)
450 4536.pdf Deep Continuous Thread Finish (Sizes 70-132)
920 920-07.pdf Glass Finish for Child Resistant Closure
1620 16207.pdf Roll-On Finish (Sizes 22-38)
1680 1680-03.pdf Roll-On Finish Compatible with Stel(R) Capsules
2000 2000-09.pdf Top Seal Vacuum Lug Finish, Regular (Sizes 27 and 38)
2020 20205.pdf Top Seal Vacuum Lug Finish (Sizes 53 and 58)
2030 20305.pdf Top Seal Vacuum Lug Finish (Sizes 63 through 77) (4 Leads)
2035 20351.pdf Top Seal Vacuum Lug Deep Finish (Sizes 63, 66 & 70) (4 Leads)
2060 2060-09.pdf Top Seal Vacuum Lug Finish, Deep (Sizes 27 through 38
2080 2080-08.pdf Top Seal Vacuum Lug Finish, Medium (Sizes 30 and 33)
2090 2090-04.pdf Top Seal Vacuum Lug Finish, Medium (Size 38)
3100 31009.pdf Cork Glass Finish (Sizes 28-A and 34)

Specification Drawings:

GPI DWG# Dwg. No Description
5 C-501A Recommended Designs for Vacuum Continuous Thread Finish Stacker Bottoms
5 C-503 Recommended Designs for Continuous Thread Stacker Bottoms
6 C-605 Recommended Designs for Vacuum Lug Finish Stacker Bottoms


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