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Custom Container Designs

Custom Packaging DesignCustom Container Designs: Imperial Packaging can help you create unique and custom designed bottles and containers to brand your product. We can assist in creating a unique identity separating your product from your competition. Imperial Packaging's team members work with clients every step of the way on custom packaging designs because we share the same goal - success. Our design team can help generate 2-D sketches, 3-D CAD drawings in addition to developing prototypes and mold models. From the initial concept, to final production, Imperial Packaging will be there assisting you along the way.

Today's business wisdom states that your business is your brand.

If your business sells any of its unique and high-quality products with some form of packaging, that packaging is an extension of your brand.

That's why you shouldn't spend anything less than the most attention and care you can provide to how your product’s packaging makes your brand shine.


Custom Made Containers - Food Packaging, and Bottles

Custom Packaging Designs

Imperial Packaging knows full well that creating custom packaging designs can be harder than it seems.

But with more than half a century of experience in the custom packaging design industry, we are uniquely qualified to help... And we’ll guide you through every step of the way.

We'll first start by helping you create a unique look and feel for your packaging. We will help separate you from your competition while delivering the right message and image for your brand. Your bottles, containers and other packaging will be designed and customized from scratch to match the spirit of your product.

During the customization process, our team members will generate 2D sketches and 3D CAD drawings so you can play an integral part in the direction your package design will take. As the customized packaging moves along from paper to reality, we'll develop any necessary prototypes and mold models.

Initial concept to final production

We make sure you are completely satisfied with your custom design before your packaging is ready for final production. Having the final version in your hands will bring your business and your brand to the next level and further you along past your competition.

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Custom Designs
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Are you ready to transform a stock package into a custom design? Contact us online or give us a call at 888.326.5679. We look forward to working with you.


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